"Life is too short to have naked nails."



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I've been a nail biter since my childhood. My mum tried every single way to help me to stop, and when nothing worked for me at all (I was a real hard work :)), she booked me in with her nail tech.

I'll never forget how I felt after my first appointment: those "all my life ugly nails" were finally beautiful, I didn't need to hide my sausage fingers anymore.

Unfortunately it didn't stop me completely, so my parents bought me a starter kit hoping if I spend long hours with doing my nails, I might look after them more. I knew immediately I fell in love with doing nails, it was fantastic playing with all the colours and designs!

My mission is to change everyone's life who is hiding their hands, whether it's bitten nails, deformed nails or short nail beds. I want people to know, it's not just about fashion, it's about how a nail appointment can change my client's entire day with relaxing and having fun, and then their entire month to have beautiful nails which they are proud to wear. 



  • Perfectionism: we are providing our very best at all time.

  • Commitment to customers: Our client's happiness is number one priority for us, we are dedicated to give an excellent customer service, and build long-lasting relationships.

  • Passion: we do believe that the only way to do great work is when you love what you do.

  • Quality over quantity: good work takes time.

  • Humility: we believe in staying humble is very important for improving.

  • We dare to be different, and take advantages from it.

  • Work is fun!

  • Continuosly learning and improving.



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135 Ravenhill Rd, Ravenhill, Swansea SA5 5AH, UK

07731 841306


07731 841306

135 Ravenhill Rd, Ravenhill, Swansea SA5 5AH, UK

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